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Youth & Children Encouragement Picnic Event

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30 November 2019 08:31
Laerskool Rachel de Beer Pretoria North
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R10 Adults ,R5 Kids
Nkiris Voice NPC
  1. We’re hosting a Youth / Children Encouragement Picnic Market for all races ,all ages by the school field here in our community named Laerskool Rachel de Beer in Pretoria North.

    Well your probably asking yourself why the title “Encouragement “?the event is scheduled to take place on the 30th November 2019 whereas the exams will be concluded and everyone will be in the high spirits of the festive season approaching so what better way to host such an event  as this one  to give back to the youth / children who are challenged with illnesses that are known and many unknown by many of us so I’ve seen a huge void in our community for the lack of such initiatives which gives back to the sick and I want to create demand for those attending to challenge themselves to make a difference in whichever way possible.

    Pretoria North is a very quiet city with not a lot of youth engaged activities and drugs have slowly started to be what our young people experiment with,Ive lived in this area for 23 years and I truly believe that if I want to see change I need to be bold enough and take the first step to try and bring thechange I want to see,This event aims to bring awareness about unknown rare diseases ,aims to do something special for the young people challenged with such illnesses,This event aims to bring Afrikaaaners, the English ,The zulus,Tswanas ,all all other races together ,This event will also give the young performers a chance to showcase their talent on the day.

    The event will be attended by learners ,youth their parents / guardians etc

    Its a worthy initiative for all. 

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  • 30 November 2019 08:31

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