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Published: 16-07-2018

‘You hem me in behind and before; You have laid Your hand upon me.’ ~ Psalm 139:5

The Lord is both behind you and ahead of you.

Your past and your future are securely in His hands.

He wants to come and encircle you with His love and peace.

He is the beginning and the end of all things and that includes your life.


Prayer: Lord, come, with Your great love, and encircle me. May I know that You go before me, behind me, on either side of me and above and below me! Amen.


Published: 13-07-2018

‘As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His people.’ ~ Psalm 125:2

Just imagine, for moment, that your life is surrounded by the Lord.

That problem, that issue, is something He has surrounded with His love and care.

You are never alone, because His love surrounds you.

Rest secure, knowing that He surrounds you on every side.


Prayer: Lord, Your great love for me is beyond comprehension. At every turn I can trust that Your love and care is there for me. So I will be confident in Your all-encompassing presence today. Amen.

Published: 12-07-2018

‘The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.’ ~ Psalm 121:8

Our comings and goings are aspects of our lives that are important to God.

He personally watches over us as we go about our daily affairs.

He does this because He is interested and loves us in great detail.

The greatest joy is to know that there is an eternal dimension to His care for us.


Prayer: Lord, thank You that You watch over me. My life is not hidden, but You watch my every move and You will care for me both now, and into eternity. Amen.

Published: 11-07-2018

‘The LORD will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul.’ ~ Psalm 121:7

We can have the best protection in the world, but that does not guarantee safety.

But when we know that the Lord is protecting us, we can rest secure.

He is your Protector and your Keeper.

Don’t give in to fear but trust Him to keep and protect you.


Prayer: Lord, thank You that You are my Protector. I will trust and I will not be afraid, because You are with me and You will keep my soul. Amen.

Published: 10-07-2018

‘I (the Lord) will be with you.’ ~ Joshua 1:5

The promise of the Lord is that He will always be with us.

Today He is with you and each day that lies ahead He will also be with you.

Not even death can separate us from Him and His great love for us.

No matter how you feel today, know that He is with you!


Prayer: Lord, thank You that I am never alone, abandoned or forsaken by You. You are with me and that gives me the strength I need to take the next step and carry on. Amen.