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All comments and complaints are dealt with by the Station Management.

The Community can make a comment or complaint, in any of the following ways:

  • By Sending and E-mail 
  • By Sending a Letter
  • By sending a Fax
  • By sending an SMS, to our dedicated SMS Line 
  • Completing a written comment at one of our Numerous Community Outside 
  • Broadcasts.

We encourage all those listeners with comments or complaints, to contact Impact Radio in one of the above five (5) ways. The contact details for the above are aired on a regular basis on Impact radio.

If an official complaint is received by phone or SMS, the person complaining is requested to send an official letter of complaint, which must be addressed to the station manager.

The Station Manager will respond to the letter within 1 week of receiving the letter, by phone and/or letter. If this however is not sufficient for the complainant, the station manager will then ask the complainant to contact by phone or mail, the monitoring and complaints department of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. The Station Manager will provide all the necessary contact details to the complainant.