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Discovering God’s Grace Behind Bars - I & II

A bank loan gone wrong resulted in a prison sentence… Today on “Focus on the Family,” Bo and Gari Mitchell talk about their busy lives in business and ministry...and how that all changed when Bo was caught up in a financial scandal. What seemed like a major life roadblock actually turned out to be a transforming and healing journey for his family.


Parenting Your Teen When Times are Tough

You are the exact parent your teenager needs! Today on “Focus on the Family,” Dr. Greg Smalley will give you hope that regardless of the choices your teenager is making, or the parenting challenges you’re facing, you can trust in God’s plan for their future.


Lessons Learned While Serving Others - II

You can make a difference in the lives of those around you! Today on “Focus on the Family,” an inspiring conversation with Pastor Matthew Barnett on how God can work through you to make a difference in the lives of others.


Lessons Learned While Serving Others - I

You can serve right where you are! Today on “Focus on the Family,” Pastor Matthew Barnett shares his inspiring story of starting the Dream Center and how the Gospel has redeemed the lives of gangsters, addicts and orphans.


Set Free - II

Imagine loving a drug so much that you would risk getting SHOT to get your next high. Today on “Focus on the Family,” Bob Strothoff [STRAW-toff] explains why he embarked on a life of crime to pay for the love of his life – heroin – and how the Lord saved him from a life of utter misery.


Set Free - I

She says once she tried heroin, she lost control of her life. Today on “Focus on the Family,” we’ll hear the testimony of former drug addict Jacqui Strothoff [Jackie STRAW-toff], who found salvation and instant sobriety at the foot of the cross.


Trusting God through an Adverse Diagnosis in Pregnancy

Jaxon is a little boy who wasn’t supposed to live. Today on “Focus on the Family,” Brandon and Brittany Buell [BYOOL] share their son Jaxon’s powerful story about defying the odds, after many challenges, including being misdiagnosed medically a number of times.


Experiencing God's Grace

Although we've been freed from the Law through Jesus Christ, as Christians we can still live out our lives leaning on the principles of The Law rather than God's Grace. Today on “Focus on the Family”, Hettie Brittz shares an incredible story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro where she both experienced, and gained a greater revelation of God's Amazing Grace.


Understanding How Your Husband Thinks and Acts

Gender differences may drive you crazy, but those differences can give you a richer, more fulfilling marriage! Today on “Focus on the Family,” Mike Bechtle [BECK-tul] offers an insider’s perspective on how men think, act, and why they do what they do!


Finding Peace in the Midst of Mommy Stress - II

Every mom has gaps — areas of imperfection in your life. But don’t worry — that’s where God works best! Today on “Focus on the Family,” Lysa TerKeurst explains how God will fill your gaps with His power and grace—and bless your family with the results!


Finding Peace in the Midst of Mommy Stress - I

If you’re a mom, you work hard. You love to serve your family. But sometimes, you don’t give yourself enough grace! Today on “Focus on the Family,” we’ll examine common mom challenges — like guilt, worry, and your lack of control!


Your New Roles with an Empty Nest

When the kids grow up and move out, some parents don’t know what they’ll do! Today on “Focus on the Family,” we’ll examine how your parenting roles change after the empty nest. You’ll become a cheerleader, a voice of perspective, and point your adult children to the Lord!


Healthy Manhood in Marriage

Today on “Focus on the Family,” Jim Daly wants to remind husbands what healthy masculinity is all about — serving and sacrificing for your wife, avoiding passivity, and pursuing purity in your thought-life!


Being a Supernaturally Natural Mom

You won’t want to miss the inspiring insight of parenting coach, Hettie Brittz Today on “Focus on the Family” with Graeme Schnell, where Hettie shares keys to becoming a supernaturally natural mom instead of buying into the myth of the Supermom.


Reclaiming Hope after Losing a Spouse

Today on “Focus on the Family,” Rob and Tricia Williford took each other for granted at times in their marriage. She was impressed to begin journaling and writing down all the things she appreciated about him. Then, something happened that she could have never prepared herself for.



Parents are so often on a mission to be a Supermom or Dad, but find that they’re never quite getting it right. Today on Focus on the Family with Graeme Schnell, parenting expert, Hettie Brittz liberates moms and dads by teaching them that they can be supernatural parents by co-operating with God in the raising of their kids.



Have you ever looked sideways at what other parents are doing and felt as though they seemed to be completely natural in their parenting, while you felt as though you were swimming against the current? Today on Focus on the Family with Graeme Schnell, well-known parenting expert Hettie Brittz will offer hope in the message that you are the perfect parents for your child, by showing you that your unique style reflects important aspects of God’s heart.


Practical Advice for Raising Young Men - II

You can raise your son to be a man of character. Today on “Focus on the Family,”
Dr. Gregory Jantz shares how you can teach your son to be a H-E-R-O—a man of Honor, Enterprise, Responsibility and Originality.


Practical Advice for Raising Young Men - I

You can raise a son of good character, self-discipline, and faith! Today on “Focus on the Family,” Dr. Gregory Jantz shares how the Bible and brain science overlap, what it reveals about your son, and what he most needs from you!


Pursuing Happiness in Godly Ways

In today’s culture, we have more opportunities for fun and pleasure than ever before! So, why are so many people still unhappy? Today on “Focus on the Family,” we’ll examine what true happiness really looks like, and how to slow down and savor the joyful moments God gives us every day!